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Cooking With Medical Cannabis for Artists and the Advantages of Using the Titan Crusher

Artists lead a highly creative lifestyle. They look for inspiration in everything around them. From songwriters to authors to painters, every artist has a unique penchant for including their surroundings in their narratives. This makes them highly observant of what’s going on around them.

A life like that can become an all-consuming affair. Several artists throughout history have incurred mental health conditions that have led to their untimely death. Some of these artists are Van Gogh, Sylvia Plath, and Elliot Smith.

This goes to show that the kind of lifestyle an artist chooses for themselves can have a huge impact on their health. And therefore, they need to be engrossed in something other than their art.

Intelligence, high productivity, and creativity levels have long been associated with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, etc. However, this can be termed a gross romanticization of pulling away from mental health treatment that can help them get better and perform even better artistically.

Psychiatrists and other mental health experts agree that some resources available at our disposal can be highly beneficial for artists and their mental health. Some of these tools involve medication. However, many artists are opposed to the idea of medication because of the heavy composition of chemicals.

Cooking, Medical Cannabis, and The Titan Crusher Herb Grinder

In the past few decades, marijuana has gained a lot of popularity for relieving mental and physical pain. This led to its consequent legalization, allowing it to be readily available for consumption under medical supervision.

Despite being available in healthy quantities, medical cannabis alone isn’t enough. Psychologists suggest that artists should pursue activities besides their art.

As a result, a lot of artists end up engaging in other hobbies such as cooking, journaling, gardening, exercising, etc.

Artists who are prescribed medical cannabis are likely to turn to cooking and baking as an outlet. This is because cannabis can be crushed and used in cooking and baking cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Before cannabis can be used to make butter, it’s crushed. It’s essential to find the right tool for this purpose seeing as this can determine the cooking experience of the individual. The Titan Crusher has been creating premium quality herb and spice grinders since 2018.

This collection of herb crushers is widely known for being sturdy and durable. They are made of anodized aircraft aluminum, which keeps them safe from corrosion, flaking, and scratches. The grinder features 50 sharp diamond-shaped teeth designed to completely clean the herb. 

The process of crushing the herb with this aluminum grinder guarantees that the end product will be free of stems and seeds. Furthermore, this herb grinder comes with a pouch, a cleaning brush, and a pollen scraper.

To put it simply, the Titan Crusher herb grinder is travel-friendly and you can use it without frequent cleaning. Whether it’s used to crush cannabis or grind spices, it’s a great addition to any artist’s cooking essentials.

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