Titan Crusher and Creators

Cannabis and Titan Crusher at Creators’ Gatherings After Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic affected systems worldwide. With the pandemic in progression, many creators across the world were confined to their homes and some were alone during this time. While many people were able to work from home to maintain their financial stability, this didn’t curb the blunt emotional trauma they had to go through.

Content creators in different fields like technology, art, film, and photography had the freedom to create content from home, but this remained a source of comfort for only a small amount of time. At the end of the day, human beings are social animals who require constant physical and emotional contact.

During this harrowing time, creators were pushed to work alone. Not only did this endanger their mental health, but it also hindered their creative progress.

When the pandemic had receded, the lockdown regulations were relaxed in many places. This allowed creators to finally come out of their shells and conduct small social gatherings within the restrictions specified by the authorities.

It’s safe to say that because creators and other artists had been in isolation for some time, it led to social impairment. Bonding agents like cannabis played a huge role in easing people up socially after being apart for a long time.


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The careful use of marijuana has brought many people together since it became a widely known recreational herb. It has a host of healing properties and is now used medically for problems like chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, etc. 

It’s only natural that creators turn to this herb for harboring a better connection among co-workers after having spent that much time away. This made exchanging of ideas and feedback from the public, peers, and colleagues a rather seamless affair.

The Titan Crusher -  A Premium Quality Cannabis Grinder

Cannabis has become an essential yet fun aspect of social gatherings. It’s widely used in baking brownies, cakes, cookies, etc. Before marijuana can be used to make cannabutter for these baking goods, it needs to be crushed properly. This is when a quality herb grinder comes into use.

The Titan Crusher, a Untied States-based e-commerce startup is dedicated to creating premium-quality cannabis grinders that make the crushing process easier. If you ever want to host a small gathering of friends or colleagues with a little bit of healthy cannabis consumption, you can do so on short notice. 

The aluminum grinders by the Titan Crusher are painless to use and easy to clean. Let’s have a look at some features of these premium cannabis grinders that will make your next gathering of fellow creators a smooth ride. 

The wide range of herb grinders by the Titan Crusher features a durable aluminum body which makes it resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratches. They have 50 sharp diamond-shaped teeth which play an essential part in making sure that the weed is crushed finely.

The closures of the crushers are made of sturdy neodymium magnets to ensure the quality of your cannabis stays intact and fresh. Last, but not least, they come with a pouch for storage, a cleaning brush, and a pollen scraper for easy maintenance of the crusher.

Creators are known for coming up with productive ideas for their content. The Titan Crusher can help make your next gathering a creatively sound collective.