Titan Crusher: Variety of Colors and Sizes

Titan Crushers are the results of high-end engineering, research, and innovation. Their strong bodies, long-lasting materials, and powerful teeth make them all-time favorite items of smokers or anyone who grind their herbs.

Apart from their expertise in grinding, Titan herb crushers are also known for their gorgeous looks, vibrant colors, and different size options. This article is dedicated to that only.

Today, we will reveal the variety of color and size options available in Titan Crushers and help you choose the best one for yourself.

1) Color Options

Sophisticated, vibrant colors are a fascinating feature of Titan Crushers. If you enjoy grinding your herbs with style or want to have an unprecedented experience the next time you start crushing, you will love the collection of colors in Titan Grinders.

The high-quality crushers are available in not just two or three but a plethora of color options.

Here are some of the colors available:

  • Black
  • Golden
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink

These vibrant color options along with their glossy finish and high-end aircraft grade anodized Aluminum body makes them an absolute delight for grinding.

2) Size Options

Titan Crushers are available in different size options, i.e., 2” small grinder, 2.5” medium grinder, and 4” large grinder.

Now, let’s discuss all the types in detail:

1) 2” small grinder

The 2” grinder is a perfect combination of compact design and heavy-duty materials. This small round grinder features a width of 2” and a height of 1.5”.

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is resilient against corrosion, flaking, and scratches. In addition, it possesses 34 extra sharp diamond-shaped teeth that can crush any type of herb and make a soft powder out of it.

Also, all the grinders have to pass through several quality control processes to ensure that you get the most efficient ones.

2) 2.5” medium-sized grinders

The 2.5” medium-sized grinder is the most popular grinder among all as it is perfect for all sorts of users. Its dimensions of 2.5”x2.7” make it a befitting companion of all grinders.

Furthermore, it is available in some dynamic color options such as black, silver, green, red, etc., and allows you to choose your favorite among all. Just like the rest of the Titan Crushers, it is made of the highest quality materials and possesses the desired sturdiness, efficiency, and looks.

Apart from the width, the factor that distinguishes it from the 2” grinder is that it possesses 48 super sharp teeth for extra smooth & uniform grinding.

3) 4” large grinder

Here comes the jumbo one- the 4” herb grinder. If you love to or you have to grind lots of stuff at once, then this 4” grinder can entirely transform your crushing game.

Along with a super-strong body, it has 76 sharp teeth that can grind your herbs into a fine mix. So you can use it for grinding a lot of herbs and spices and get a uniform grind. Likewise, it comes with string neodymium magnets for locking, a comfortable grip for better grinding, and a large storage compartment.

We hope now you are clear about the different color and size variants of Titan herb crushers, and you can easily get the right one for you.