Grind with Titan Crusher

Titan Crusher is a handy yet powerful device that can shred your herbs into fine pieces. Within a few years of its inception, the product has gained massive recognition and popularity for its excellent build, high-quality performance, and incredible looks.


Today, we will tell you some outstanding benefits of this device and share the steps on how you can crush your herbs with it.

Titan Crusher - Performance and Benefits

Titan Crusher result from brilliant ideas, state-of-the-art engineering, and dedication to building the best crushers for the consumer. It is manufactured using the latest technologies such as millimeter precision tools and leading-edge software. Furthermore, the brand only uses the highest quality materials to ensure the long-lasting quality performance of the crushers.


Here are some features that make the Titan Crusher the best spice grinder on the market.


  • Titan Crusher are made from the highest quality aircraft-grade aluminum. It is fully anodized and is resilient against corrosion, flaking, and scratches.
  • The crushers use a strong neodymium magnet for closing and keeping your herbs fresh and odor-free for longer timings.
  • Titan Crusher come with robust diamond-shaped extra sharp teeth that ensure a smooth and effortless grinding experience. Also, these crushers have way more teeth than regular crushers to provide a stronger grip and more comfortable cutting.
  • Every crusher has to go through a list of manual inspections that ensure that every product that reaches your doorstep is a fine piece of art and engineering.
  • The brand also provides a high-quality cleaning brush, safety pouch, and pollen scraper with its crushers.


As a result of these brilliant building methods and performance, the crushers come with several benefits. To begin with, it saves your crushing time and lets you enjoy your herbs in no time. Likewise, it produces a finely ground powder of your favorite herbs or spices that is impossible to attain with bare hands. As a result, you get a more consistent blend of pieces and better grinding experience.


How to Use the Titan Crusher

Crushing your herbs by yourself is not just time and cost-saving, but it is also fun. The moment you touch the finely crushed herb powder in your hand, you won't be able to hold your happiness, especially for the first time.


So, here are some simple steps to use your Titan Crusher:


Step 1 - Remove the grinder’s lid and place the herbs in its crushing compartment where you can see the diamond-shaped teeth. Don't overfill the grinder as it would cause you unwanted mechanical stress, and don't put maximum spices in the center of the grinder.


Step 2 - Grind the herbs. Cover the grinder with the lead, lock it firmly and then hold the bottom of the grinder with one hand. Give a 360-degree rotation to the upper part of the grinder using the other hand, and keep grinding until you feel no resistance.


Step 3 - Unlock the lid. If you are not satisfied with the grind, lock it and grind it again. Or simply scoop out the shredded powder from the grinder’s storing compartment.

Your shredded spices are ready to be consumed.