How are Titan Herb Grinders Built?

Titan herb grinder are a specimen of skilled craftsmanship, modern engineering, and dedicated teamwork. With a perfect crushing mechanism, a strong grip, and vibrant colors, we make sure that our grinders stand apart from all the products in the market. 

Throughout our manufacturing journey, our endeavors, engineering methods, and commitment to producing the finest herb grinders in the market have helped us become the first choice of our customers in the US and Canada

Today, we will discuss how our herb grinders are manufactured and the key steps and procedures that every grinder has to go through to become a Titan herb crusher.  Let's get started. 

1) Titan herb grinders are produced in a special manufacturing facility. The process starts with the raw “aircraft-grade” aluminum used to build our strong and long-lasting herb grinders. All the aluminum we utilize in the manufacturing process is thoroughly anodized and is resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratches. 

2) Next, our aluminum is moved for the staging process, where our machines make three different sized bases. The aluminum is cut in different sized to build 2”(small), 2.5” (medium), and 4” (large) sized grinders. We firmly believe in maintaining the quality of our grinders. To ensure that the sizes and cuts are perfect, we have test gauges that check for any imperfections in the cuts. 

3) From here, we load the aluminum pieces into machines and proceed towards the next steps of grinder making. 

4) Our grinders consist of a lid, a crushing compartment,  a  filtering compartment, and a storing compartment. The topmost crushing compartment is where you find sharp diamond-shaped teeth that crush the herbs. The crushed herbs are passed down to the storing compartment, where you can take them out or store them for the next usage. 

5) Next, we make sure that the lid stacks on the top of the crushing compartment and the bottom part are perfectly matched. 

6) Once the basic design is ready in the unit, the next step is cleaning and polishing them. This is the step where all the sharp edges coming out of the machines are eliminated. The disk smoothens all the sharp edges and makes them easy to handle. We do it with every grinder and ensure that every piece is safe to use. 

7) The last manufacturing step is anodization and engravings. Our customers love our grinders for their perfect colors and vibrance. We produce grinders in many color options: red, black, silver, green, yellow, blue, etc. 

8) This is also the stage where we press in all the magnets and screens to give the final touch to the grinders. We use a strong neodymium magnet that offers outstanding closure to our crushers and keeps your herbs fresh and odor-free for the next usage. After a quick cleanup, we do the colorful engravings. 

9) Once the final products are ready, we make sure that every grinder produced in our facility is hand-inspected and there are no sharp edges, no imperfection, any scrapping parts coming through, and so on. 

Once the final assembling is done, we have a complete much-loved grinder.