How to Use Your Titan Crusher?

Titan Crusher is simply the best way to grind your herbs into a fine powder and take your experience to a new level. Its well-engineered built, smooth crushing potential, and exciting looks can provide you with numerous benefits that you haven’t had before. 

In this guide, we will tell you all the steps to use a Titan Crusher and enjoy finely crushed herbs.

How to use a Titan Crusher

1) Load your crusher.

Start the procedure by removing the lid of the crusher and filling the herbs into it.

Break the herbs into smaller pieces with your fingers and put them in your crushing chamber. Remember that you don't have to place the herbs in the center as it is where things pivot, and nothing gets grounded here.

2) Grind your herbs.

Next, replace the lid, firmly hold the bottom part of the grinder with one hand, and start rotating the upper part with the other hand.  You will find some resistance initially, and you might have to give it a muscle. But, gradually, there will be no such resistance, and it is a sign that your herbs are crushed.

3) Tap the crusher.

An easy step that can help you collect your herbs is to give your crusher a tap.

Before you remove the crusher lid, just give it a tap against some table or palm of your hand. It will dislodge the herbs into the collection chamber and make your next step easier.

4) Collect your herbs.

Slowly separate the grinding chamber from the collection chamber and take out your herbs. Scoop it slowly and take care not to damage the screen, especially if you use a four-piece grinder.

If you are grinding for the first time, you might not get much kief, but once you become a pro, you will start collecting a good amount of fine powder from your Titan Crusher.

5) Enjoy!

And finally, use the fruits of your labor and the powdery goodness the way you like.

The Benefits Of Using A Grinder

If you haven't used a crusher before, you should learn about its benefits. Here are some:

1) Kief

Kief is a pure and more potent part of the herbs, and when you grind the herbs with a crusher, you get the finest kief.

2) Consistent Powder

No matter how good you crush your herbs by hand, a systematic and engineered grinder can create more consistent-sized pieces and make the herbs easier to burn. Also, a crusher prevents canoeing and gives you a more even burn.

Furthermore, less contact with your hands means fewer chances of trichomes being absorbed by your hand's skin.

3) Taste & Smell

Crusher unlocks the rich tastes and aromas of your favorite herbs and gives you a far better experience.

4) Time Savings

No surprise- grinding your herbs via a crusher can be done in almost half the time as crushing by your hand. So, you can smoke sooner than ever.

5) It Looks Great!

And finally, it is super cool to transport your herbs in a grinder. It keeps your stuff protected and safe and keeps it fresh for a longer time.